We employ a global multi-strategy investment approach, opportunistically engaging in a
broad array of trading and investing strategies across a wide group of diversified managers.

Our specialized divisions have built and continually evolve our core infrastructure platform.
This enables our trading teams to independently pursue unique investment strategies within
one centrally-driven risk and operational framework.

TFL has differentiated itself from other alternative investment management firms
through our consistent ability to generate high quality returns for our investors.

TFL unique framework has created what we believe to be a sustainable and scalable
organization aligned in partnership with clients both insitiutional and private.

Our Managed Account Investment Programs provide investors access to doors that
traditionally have been closed.





Our mission is to deliver the alternative investment industry’s highest quality returns
to our investors, and to maintain a commitment to our principles of integrity, discipline and excellence.

We empower our trading teams to independently focus on the specific opportunities and strategies in which they specialize, subject to our overall risk management, compliance, operational controls, and hedging of aggregate exposures where appropriate.

Our approach to the selection and oversight of trading teams is grounded in a philosophy of consistently seeking to generate incremental, positive returns against a limited amount of risk exposure (i.e., high Sharpe ratio), rather than outsized, but more volatile absolute returns.




We follow an investment strategy that is broadly diversified, global in scope and opportunistic with respect to investments. Each trading team pursues specific opportunity sets within a disciplined risk management framework.

At any given time, we expect to have trading teams pursuing most of the following broad strategies:

  • Relative Value Fundamental Equity
  • Equities
  • Commodities

TFL emphasizes diversity in asset classes, industry sectors and geographic boundaries and invests in a variety of international equity securities, currencies, commodities, options and other instruments.

Senior Management determines the concentration in, and allocation to our investment strategies. The Firm is positioned to selectively add to or reduce its allocation to particular investment strategies on short notice given the opportunity set prevailing from time to time.




We operate an institutional core infrastructure platform that enables our trading teams to pursue their strategies within a rigorous control environment designed to manage risk effectively. Our core infrastructure personnel operate by the Firms’ core values of integrity, discipline and excellence, and take pride in having developed an industry-leading, institutional platform.

Over the years, TFL has invested significant resources in building our core infrastructure to maintain robust operational controls within a flexible, scalable and efficient framework. Each divisional head has significant industry experience and manages a best-in-class team.

Our core infrastructure is a significant competitive advantage for TFL, enabling us to effectively respond to opportunities around the world.

The main components of our core infrastructure include business development, business strategy, capital development & investor relations, execution services, human resources, finance & treasury, legal & compliance, management controls & internal audit, operations & middle office, technology, and risk management.

TFL employs rigorous governance standards. We have a number of formal committees with specifically-defined responsibilities to provide oversight for key activities related to the Firm’s operations.